About Me

First things first, I’m not a writer and second things first I’m not a very good cyclist. I excel at babout meeing distinctly average at most things and aspire to being a slightly above average cyclist. I’m not one of these guys who grew up on a bike or came out of the womb pulling wheelies. At 30, after 14 long years of trying I finally accepted that I lacked most of the basic skills required to play soccer. I needed a sport where your participation didn’t depend on being selected. I needed a sport where I could take part regardless of my ability. I needed a sport that embraces coffee and cake. Cycling fit perfectly.

The only problem being I no longer had a coach or team-mate to blame for my lack-lustre performance. This blog started as a diary to figure out what I was doing when racing, why I was doing it and how I could improve. Generally my own attempt making sense of the cycling nonsense that goes with racing bikes on the backroads of Ireland.

I’m 35 now and I’m still no elite athlete. I currently race in the lowly A4 Category for my local club Cuchulainn with an aim to at least make one upgrade in my lifetime to A3. There may not be many glory days in this blog and I reserve the right to celebrate an 8th place finish like a win.

Hopefully I can avoid crashing. Hopefully I can make it to A3. Hopefully my wife will have the patience for another years racing.

Hopefully you enjoy the blog!

(Hope can drive a man insane!)

#460 Darren Kelly-McCann