About Me

First things first I’m not a writer and second things first I’m not in any way what you would call an elite athlete. I’m a distinctly average cyclist aspiring to slightly more than average. Like your average sports enthusiast I do my racing for my local club Cuchulainn CC on the weekends through the potholed backroads of Ireland in the lowly category of A4. This was started as a personal diary. An attempt to make sense of the nonsense that is road racing. What I was doing in races? Why was I doing it? Am I actually mental or does everyone go through the same range of emotions as me over the course of a season? There may be very few days of glory within this. I absolutely cannot guarantee any success but hopefully you can relate to some of the experiences along the way.

How hard can it be to get the last point required for an upgrade to A3?

#795 Darren Kelly-McCann